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Why should you choose Fashion Design as your career?

While a journalist should be curious, fearless, trustworthy and tenacious; a sales professional on the other side needs to be persistence, resourceful and respectful. Every career comes with certain ground rules and demands certain personality traits. You should choose Fashion Design as your career if and only if you think below is what describes you– You are a mix of creative, determined and hard working – Fashion Designing as a career, of course, demands an individual to have a creative streak in him/her. But the world of fashion is a little more demanding than that.It is reserved for only the most dedicated and artistic visionaries on the planet, leaving no room at the top for the ordinary. It's important to be able to grab the bull by the horns and take initiative because nothing in this line of work will be spoon-fed, making the fruit of your labors so much sweeter in the end. You are experimental – This is one trait that will keep you going. While pursuing your dream as a fa…