Will You Give Another Chance?


I know and understand you have already read and seen many articles, forums and newspaper columns about giving another chance to your ex.

Are we such insane or we don't want to think practically?

I have a  story of the girl, and she knew the feeling of being cheated in a relationship.

So, guys, I know you all are about to yawn and you can no problem at all.

So the story is, she breaks up with her unknown and very mean person cum boyfriend.

Now she is happy and loves to be single, but the problem is started when she installed an app of dating. Where she got an unexpected message from the very smart person because he thought she is the same girl that he saw in a bar.

The same miserable girl replied his message they started chatting, and they decided to meet.

The girl has no idea why she is doing this and why she said yes to meet him.

The day has come, and she prepared herself the best to meet him.

She saw him and felt very comfortable in talking with him on any topics. As she is an intovert girl and for any introvert people it's not easy to break their comfort zone.

After meeting, they kissed for Goodnight, and they texted to each other that they liked each other too.

Now they do chat on a regular basis, but the problem is she doesn't want to trust him or want to go into another relationship.

Now, the main issue started when the boy makes her believe that every person is different and she can believe on him

She does, and then they planned to meet again to spend some quality time with together. The day has come, and both were so happy.

Now, out of sudden boy's ex-called him up and started crying and apologise for everything.

The boy told everything to the present girl, she advises to go and meet her.

Now the question is- was she dumb, or the boy has no brain?

Can anyone suggest what she has to do now?

Ignore English grammars mistake, please


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